sunlight through trees

There is a crack in everything – that’s where the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen

Returning to well-being and wholeness

In the course of our lives, all of us experience difficult and challenging circumstances, as well as shock and trauma to varying degrees. Very often we have not had the support and care we needed to heal and release these experiences. We then shut out aspects of ourselves in order to be able to meet the demands and challenges of daily life.

However, we may still be impacted in various ways such as:

  • A need for a high degree of control
  • Fear of opening ourselves to others
  • Being easily alarmed and triggered into reactive behaviour
  • Feeling disconnected from ourselves and others, feeling isolated
  • A deep sense of unworthiness or shame
  • Inability to form long-lasting intimate relationships
  • Difficulty in allowing vulnerability, closeness and support
  • Compulsive behaviour patterns
  • A sense of there being something fundamentally wrong with ourselves or our lives

How I work

Creating a space where you feel safe and respected is fundamental to the way I work, as this is essential for you to be able to explore what you are experiencing more deeply. As the relationship between us is gradually established in trust, it becomes the container for your emotions and experiences to be met and integrated.

I will support you to directly connect with your emotional and physical states, some of which may not be easily accessible to you. We begin slowly and gently, with great kindness, so that you can go at your own pace and find what allows you to open to yourself. Together we create an atmosphere of acceptance and loving presence so that you feel welcomed in whatever experiences you are having.

We will also explore patterns of belief that you may have formed very early in life to help yourself makes sense of a confusing or frightening experience. As the adult that you are now, you may recognise that these beliefs, which were formed from a child’s perspectives, are no longer serving you and have actually become limiting. As you identify these belief systems and release yourself from them, it can bring greater freedom in how you choose to express yourself in your life and relationships.

Having discovered first-hand what it takes to emerge from a life shaped by a traumatic experience in my early years, I see myself as a guide with extensive knowledge of the inner terrain. At the same time, I recognise and honour the uniqueness of each individual’s journey through that terrain.

I will share with you whatever serves you from all my training, studying and experience, and hold you in tenderness, compassion and strength as you find your own way to the freedom and capacity to love that is your true nature.

I offer individual sessions in person or via Skype (see practical information below).


Janey’s presence has been both gentle and strong in supporting me to share what was going on with me. When I had the experience of being terrified and shaking a lot in my body, she guided me and reassured me that I was releasing trauma. She invited me to allow what was going on to be just there, which I did, and she was right there with me.

She has also guided me in an inquiry about the constant inner dialogue that various conflicting parts of me were having and, through the process of recognising the voices within, I was able to see how much power the inner saboteur was having on the more wise and intuitive parts of my being. Janey’s love and passion is awake and evident in her very beingness.


I find you sincere and truthful, approachable and very empowering… I feel that you bring your whole self to the group, and you allow us to see your own struggles and vulnerabilities. I feel I have learnt a lot through your positive example.


I admire the way in which you are able to sense and pick up on the unspoken, and then refer to it in a totally non-threatening way which invites people to say exactly what is going on for them… I have come to believe more in myself as a result of working with you, so I am truly grateful to you.


I value your warmth, patience and sensitivity – qualities which have helped to create a safe place to express feelings.


During my year with you as a facilitator for our group, I have felt safe. Your ability to see and hear and even feel us as individuals is very nurturing and so helpful in my struggle towards self-acceptance and self-love. I have noticed how sensitive and perceptive you are. I also feel you have been very present and alive in the group, although you have never made me feel you had any need to be the centre of attention.


The word ‘encouragement’ often pops up when I think of your approach, and I believe you combine this with compassion and humour.


Let us meet the frozen, fearful places by holding them in the warmth of tenderness and mercy.

– John Welwood ‘Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships’

Practical information

Free introductory session in person or via Skype. This gives us the opportunity to meet each other, and for you to decide whether you feel it will support you to work together.

Frequency of sessions: I suggest starting with weekly sessions as this facilitates building a good foundation together. If this is not possible for you, then fortnightly sessions can be arranged.

Length of session: 60 minutes

Fees: £35-£45 (some concessions available)

Cancellation Policy: I ask for 48 hours cancellation notice (apart from exceptional circumstances), otherwise I charge my full fee for missed appointments when we have agreed and arranged session times.