About Janey

janey francis

I was never outside Love

Except in my own imagining.”

The lines above are from a poem I wrote, and express in essence the entire journey of my life until now. My early childhood experiences brought about a sense of being exiled from love, and led to a long and deep search as to how to bring myself home into my own heart and body.

This involved exploring a great number of spiritual paths and practices, participating in countless workshops and retreats, and receiving personal therapy and healing, over the course of about twenty five years. Each teacher, each workshop, each retreat brought me closer into myself, but I still had a strong tendency to disassociate from my direct experience and disconnect from my body.

Finally, I found teachers and guides of embodied awakening who could support me in becoming fully present with all of my humanity from a place of loving awareness. I am still learning, still growing, still discovering, and I imagine it will be that way till the day I die. My heart is devoted to Love and Truth, and this is the Pole Star that guides my life.

I offer my deepest, heartfelt gratitude to these extraordinary teachers and guides: Mooji, Adyashanti, Adam Bradpiece, Colin Harrison, Simon Daly, Chameli Ardagh and Tara Brach. And to all beloved family and friends who have supported me over the years, I say “I am only here because of you.”

janey francis 2

Turning and turning again

Until turning becomes returning

In the yearning to come home.

What was never lost is found,

What is free was never bound.

Now I stand on holy ground,

Thy will be done.

There is only the One.”

-Janey Francis

Professional Training and Development


Diploma in Counselling Skills (Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, London)

1990 – 2000

Continuing Professional Development through attending workshops in Process-Oriented Psychology (Arnold Mindell)


Year long training in Non-Violent Communication


Facilitator training for the Alternatives to Violence Project

2006 – 2008

Landmark Forum and Advanced Training


Self-expression and Leadership Programme

2009 – present

Ongoing participation in Movement of Being workshops and retreats


Forest School Leadership training

2011 – present

Member of the Awakening Women Institute (Chameli Ardagh) – participating in ongoing programmes and retreats


Four month programme “The Way of Liberation” with Adyashanti



There is a place inside everything
Where a secret code is hidden,
Waiting for the eyes to see
And the heart that can open.
This is a code that needs no breaking,
Only a quiet deciphering
By the one whose patient gaze
Invites the mystery to reveal itself

As the Love that sustains all.

Janey Francis