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Heart of Being offers you a doorway to enter into your journey of restoring your sense of the sacredness and intrinsic beauty of your human life.

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Janey Francis

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist offering individual sessions in Totnes and South Devon, as well as Skype online sessions.

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heart rock

Awakening the Heart

In essence, grace is anything that helps us truly open our minds, our bodies, our emotions, our hearts… When we…

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woman empowered

Women’s empowerment

When women are deeply rooted in their bodies and their connection to the Earth, they can truly stand in their…

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horse healing

Energy Healing

I feel honoured when an animal can relax and trust me enough to receive the healing energy I can offer.”…

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Allowing vulnerability

In a world where we are brought up with the importance of looking cool and  keeping it all together as indications of success, it can be difficult for us to acknowledge and allow our vulnerability.  When we have been deeply hurt in the past, we may have made a decision not to let that happen again and hardened against the soft and vulnerable places inside. (more…)


  • I find you sincere and truthful, approachable and very empowering… I feel that you bring your whole self to the group, and you allow us to see your own struggles and vulnerabilities.  I feel I have learnt a lot through your positive example.

    – L.W.
  • I admire the way in which you are able to sense and pick up on the unspoken, and then refer to it in a totally non-threatening way which invites people to say exactly what is going on for them… I have come to believe more in myself as a result of working with you, so I am truly grateful to you.

    – S.T.
  • I value your warmth, patience and sensitivity – qualities which have helped to create a safe place to express feelings.

    – S.P.