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When women are deeply rooted in their bodies and connection to the Earth, they can truly stand in their authentic power

-Janey Francis

Rising Rooted

This area of my work is specifically for women who want to grow into and live in the full expression of their love and power.

As women, we are emerging from a culture that has been shaped and defined by patriarchal values. As a result, it can be hard for us to cherish ourselves, as we are, in our own unique expression of life. We may have been taught and conditioned to defer to masculine ideas and principles. We may not have been supported to trust our feelings, instinct and intuition which are the source of our empowerment. We may also have been shamed out of the natural enjoyment of our sensuality and sexuality.

In an individual session, I will support you to learn and remember how to:

  • Trust the wisdom and intelligence of your body
  • Recognise your inherent and unique beauty
  • Give space and attention to the changing tides of your emotions
  • Honour your intuitive knowing
  • Empower yourself to live in your authenticity
  • Reconnect to the deep sacredness of the feminine that lives within you

It is a joy for me to share this exploration with other women. I offer individual sessions where I can meet you with whatever support you need to open to your unique full expression as a woman in this world.


I have been supported by Janey for half a year now. I really enjoy the space that Janey holds. It is very nurturing and safe. I always feel nourished at the end of a session.


Acknowledge the power of joy. Today more than ever, it’s important to protect and feed the flame of joy.

Chameli Ardagh

Practical information

Free half-hour introductory session in person or via Skype.

Session 60 mins: £35.00 – £45.00 (depending on income).