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I feel honoured when an animal can relax and trust me enough to receive the healing energy I can offer.

-Janey Francis

Intuitive Energy Healing

For people

I have been gifted with a natural capacity to sense the flow of physical and emotional energy through the physical and subtle bodies. I have developed this gift by receiving a transmission of a particular mode of healing energy called Ilahinoor (which means Divine Light in Turkish) in 2010 and by training in the Body Mirror System of healing with Martin Brofman in 2011.

I offer individual healing sessions which can support you to:

  • Relax more deeply
  • Release physical and emotional tensions held in the body
  • Allow a freer flow of energy through the body
  • Connect more with yourself
  • Open to receiving love and support

You are fully clothed during a session, and the healing can be given by the hands being placed directly on the body or at a little distance away.

woman in doorway with arms in air, reaching to sun

For animals

I have had a great love of animals such I was a child, and formed close relationships with the dogs and horses in my life. In 2012, I trained in Natural Horsemanship and Healing with holistic animal therapist, Faye Stacey ( Since then I have given healing mainly to horses, but also to dogs and cats. This form of healing is particularly beneficial for:

  • Stress-related symptoms such as challenging or compulsive behaviour
  • Emotional distress brought about by external factors either present or past
  • Shock caused by accidents or mishandling
  • Recovery from surgery

The healing is completely safe and has no harmful side effects. It can complement veterinary treatment but is not a substitute for it. It is often a very touching experience for me, and I have been moved to tears in the past. For this reason, I offer this healing by donation.


My rescue pony can be quite wary when meeting new people – he has had some bad experiences with humans in the past. Within half an hour of receiving the healing, he was lying down, sleeping in the stable. It’s really nice that he felt so at ease in Janey’s presence. He really enjoyed the healing and Janey was able to pick up some interesting things from him too.”


One of our horses recently had radiation therapy to remove a lump from his eyelid. The operation left him with a very large wound which was not responding well to our intensive nursing so Janey came to see if she could help. After only a couple of sessions with her, we noticed that the wound was indeed starting to heal and it continued to heal nicely from then on. We are very happy with the results”

horse's eyelashes

Spirit to Spirit

I will reach out

Recognising you as part of myself

And myself as part of you.”

–Magrit Coates ‘Healing for Horses’