resting hands

When we begin to awaken from the dream of separateness and struggle, we realise that the grace we were always seeking is actually right there at the centre of our own existence.

Adyashanti “Falling into Grace”

Making space for Grace

This pathway is for you if you want to open yourself more deeply into the mystery of your own Being and the nature of existence. You may already be engaged in an exploration of how to meet the whole spectrum of human experience with your own spacious and loving awareness while remaining fully present in your physical body.

In these individual sessions, I will guide you to:

  • Welcome and embrace all of your humanity from a place of loving Presence
  • Explore the identities you have taken on that conceal the recognition of your true nature
  • Meet the challenges and struggles in your life as opportunities to open more fully to yourself and others
  • Recognise the conditioning and patterns of belief that obscure and obstruct the natural expression of love in your heart
  • Rest in the essential peace and stillness at the core of your Being

I will accompany you on this ongoing journey of unfolding and deepening into the eternal Heart of Being, and allowing its natural and unique expression in your life.

dove in flight

In the shared quiet, an invitation arises like a white dove lifting from a limb and taking flight.

Come and live in truth. Take your place in the flow of grace. Draw aside the veil you thought would always separate your heart from love.

All you ever longed for is before you in this moment, if you dare draw in a breath and whisper ‘Yes.’

Danna Faulds


I have known Janey for over ten years and, over this time, have witnessed her deep and intimate understanding of the human condition. Her own personal journey of awakening and learning gives her wisdom and love in abundance which is shared with those around her. Anyone engaging with Janey through her work will not be disappointed.


Practical information

Free half-hour introductory session in person or online.

Session 60 mins: £35.00 – £45 (depending on income).